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  Health Care Speech Topics
  1.What are advantages of blood donation?
  2.Is stem-cell research important?
  3.What are the consequences of smoking?
  4.How are people helped by Ritalin?
  5.What are the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery?
  6.Is the cost of prescription drugs justified?
  7.What is the effect of smog on people’s health?
  8.What is socialized medicine?
  9.What are the consequences of steroid usage?
  10.What are the disadvantages of artificial insemination?
  11.Why should we get proper sleep?
  12.Should women refuse breast feeding?
  13.What are the consequences of drug abuse?
  14.Is eating red meat healthy?
  15.Is it healthy to eat chocolate?
  College Level Persuasive Speech Topics on Economics
  1.How have educational costs changed over the years?
  2.What is corporate corruption?
  3.What is government funding of Amtrak?
  4.What causes police corruption?
  5.What are the advantages of buying products that are made in the USA?
  6.What is inflation?
  7.How are textbook prices set?
  8.Is it a wise decision to eliminate pennies?
  9.What are the principles of medical research funding?
  10.What are basic economic principles?
  11.How do young billionaires appear?
  12.What investment strategies are the most effective?
  13.What causes the rising cost of education?
  14.How did the insurance industry develop?
  15.What is the influence of bringing jobs to South Carolina to the current economy?
  List of Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students:Law
  1.Should gambling be legalized?
  2.Should prostitution be legalized?
  3.What are helmet laws?
  4.What are zoning laws?
  5.What election reform is the most popular?
  6.What is the Patriot Act?
  7.What rights of women are the most essential?
  8.Should juveniles get adult jail sentences?
  9.What is Meghan’s Law?
  10.Is it legal to download/copy copyrighted materials?
  11.What crazy laws do you know?
  12.What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
  13.What is organized crime?
  14.Should the death penalty be abolished?
  15.What mandatory minimums should be got rid of in prisons?
  Unique Social Issues Speech Topics
  1.What are public displays of affection?
  2.Is it ethical to have prayer in schools?
  3.What are mandatory retirement ages?
  4.Has speaking English in America changed over the years?
  5.What effect does advertising have on children?
  6.How many people attend Wal-Mart per year?
  7.What disadvantages does internet dating have?
  8.What are liberal arts majors?
  9.Should school uniforms be banned?
  10.What is academic fraud?
  11.How does college class attendance change over the years?
  12.What are living wills?
  13.Should assisted suicide be banned?
  14.What are the influence of cell phones in public?
  15.How does organic farming influence society?
  Environmental Speech Topics
  1.What are landfills?
  2.How can we prevent littering?
  3.What are advantages of recycling?
  4.How has evolution changed the environment?
  5.Is water conservation really important?
  6.How can fire safety be achieved in forests?
  7.How should we save water?
  8.How can global warming be stopped?
  9.What is ephedra?
  10.What advantages do electric cars bring to the environment?
  11.What are the most dangerous natural disasters?
  12.What are the most famous national parks?
  13.What are types of common plants?
  14.What are the Great Lakes?
  15.Why shouldn’t we release helium balloons into the environment for celebrations?
  Education Speech Topics
  1.What school breakfast programs do you know?
  2.What is better:community college or four year college?
  3.What is tenure for professors?
  4.What are the most popular private schools?
  5.How can we make TV more educational?
  6.Why shouldn’t we take education for granted?
  7.Is home schooling effective?
  8.Is school choice important?
  9.Is school security important?
  10.In what cases do children take a year off from school?
  11.What advancements in education do you know of?
  12.What is higher education in prison systems?
  13.What is your past importance of travel and education?
  14.How is financial education important in today’s world?
  15.How does Governor Perry justify education policy,including abstinence-only,in the state of Texas?
  Political Speech Topics
  1.What is political correctness?
  2.What different political systems do you know?
  3.What are the three branches of the USA government?
  4.What are the known fringe political parties?
  5.What are the lesser known presidents?
  6.How does the United Nations work?
  7.What women in politics do you know?
  8.What is the main problem of global politics?
  9.What is Bernie Sanders’political background?
  10.What is the rise in GST in Australia?
  11.Should the death penalty be banned?
  12.Why should you be elected as the class president?
  13.How can politics help children of war?
  14.What is affirmative action?
  15.How can a budget deficit be avoided?
  Other Speech Topic Suggestions
  1.What are the disadvantages of internet gambling?
  2.What are the advantages of SUVs?
  3.What prisons are over populated?
  4.How can e-mail spam be avoided?
  5.What is the influence of video games on children?
  6.What are NC-17 movies?
  7.What funny presidential pardons do you know of?
  8.How does the paparazzi work?
  9.How often can we meet homosexuals in the military?
  10.What is the funniest pledge of allegiance?
  11.What is National Endowment for the Arts?
  12.What is the“insanity defense”?
  13.Why is it necessary to wear bike helmets?
  14.Is it necessary to have censorship on the radio?
  15.What are cable TV monopolies?



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