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文章导读: 作为留学生,你是否一到写论文作业开始犯愁?本文Top论文网小编就根据MIT学长的经验整理了一篇留学论文作业写作技巧,或许对大家有所帮助。...

  Ever wondering why you aced your Chinese literature classes in high school,but failed to achieve a satisfying score on TOEFL/IELTS/GRE writing?This is because academic writing is different.Looking back at what was taught in my high school Chinese literature classes,the so called“writing”was mostly romantic and poem-like.A couple of poem segments and emotionally arousing sentences make it a perfect“essay”for the College Entrance Exam.However,is that what writing is all about?Let us take a look at what the American high schoolers do in their writing classes.Often,the students were asked to gather evidence from reports and relevant literature to support their perspectives on a social,economic or ethic issue in a written form.That,in my opinion,is much closer to what academic writing is like.I would also like to say that not everyone can be a great poet,but we can all probably become great academic writers.
  Academic writing takes various forms:articles,lab reports,communications,proposals and even personal statements.However,most of them share the same general structures of sections:abstract,introduction,methods,results,discussion,and conclusion.Since you are reading this,I am sure you will learn more about academic writing yourself when the time comes.Thus,I would like to emphasize(ramble)on only a few important points that could be missed.
  The abstract is the soul of an academic paper.When one doesn’t have time to read the entire thing,they would choose to read the abstract and the figures.That actually is what most PhD students do during their KooBee research career(yeah,I invented the word in Italic).Therefore,being able to include the most important information in a concise but comprehensive way is essential.If you have an impressive single datum,say 99.99%purity or the most conductive,etc.,it is a must-include in your abstract,as it will grab people’s eyeballs.
  As for the introduction,it could be the most interesting or most painful part to write,depending on your research area.Generally speaking,you want to lay out the red carpet for the readers to walk on to the ceremony of your latter parts in the paper(your methods,results,and discussion sections).That being said,it may not seem strange that a lot of times people choose to write their methods,results and discussions sections first before they write the introduction.This is because the process of writing these latter sections itself helps formulate the main point of the paper,towards which people will shape the introduction.The introduction is where you sell your research by telling the audience why it is important and unique,which is exactly why it can be painful for people who want to make it close-to-perfect.
  Really the methods,results and discussions are the easiest parts to write as the writer is the most familiar with them,as long as they are responsible and hard-working researchers.However,there is one thing that beginners might perform terribly at:the figures.Like I mentioned before,figures are one of the two things people would skim,so the quality and especially the integrity of them are gravely important.Isolated from related texts in the paper,a good figure should by itself reveal a full picture of what it is trying to say.Therefore,it should have clear labels(in different colors probably and/or shapes)and a few sentences in the legend describing the graph or table above it.If the readers have an ambiguous feeling about what the figure is about,then it is like missing a smile from Mona Lisa.
  Finally,the conclusion.This is where the romance part comes in.Unlike introduction which aims to invite your audience,the conclusion is where you lift your paper to a higher level,where a bit of an exaggeration is allowed.Sometimes,it almost feels like we were looking at a dazzling future where there is no pain or sorrow due to the highly functional new technology or medicine that data in this paper distantly(and vaguely)point to.I guess as long as you are not violating some serious hard laws of science,the reviewers won’t be too harsh on hopeful sentences as such,just as life can’t be all about reality,and that a bit of romance makes it feel so much better.
  This is not a dead serious or all-covering article about how to write an academic paper.It is not even an article by the official definition of it.Think of it as a chit-chat from someone relevant.If you are eager to learn about academic writing,I suggest googling key words or coming to one of our experts at Global Graduates’Union(GGU)if you need to write things such as research statement or statement of purpose.



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